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What every Catholic school should be including in their marketing campaign

Why your school? 

  • What makes your stand out?

  • What makes your school different?

  • Why should a parent choose your school?



  • Satisfied families of current students represent your best marketing tool. They will spread the word about your school.

  • Past parents value the experiences your school provided and they can confirm their children’s success as they move forward in attaining higher levels of education.



Lots of happy smiling kids

Current photos of kids in your school. Others will recognize them and have an immediate connection.



  • Percentage of your graduates on Honor Roll

  • Percentage of your schools High School graduation rate

  • Percentage of your school attending a 4 year college

  • The student/teacher ratio at your school

  • Offer Balanced curriculum: List classes, extracurricular activities, clubs etc.

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