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"Admissions reported that they had 11 applications come in this week. We speculated that they resulted from the postcard we mailed last week using your mailing list. I wanted you to know and thank you again! We're hoping even more will come in this week."

Dana; Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory School 



We have lists for your school!

The key to any successful enrollment campaign is the right list of households with the children that you want. These lists get your message to the right households without wasting your budget on addresses that don’t fit your student profile. 

We have the right list for your school

“I cannot say enough about Pointer Marketing, both as a Catholic school principal and as the director of advancement for a large Catholic Parish. I began using Pointer Marketing in 2008. They have consistently followed through on what were very specific customization requests during sizeable projects. Their professionalism, “can do” attitude, and quality are always absolutely outstanding! They have truly gone the extra mile for me in every way. I can count on them to consistently put forth great ideas to ensure that my projects will be top notch. Pointer Marketing has exceptionally fast turnaround times and their attention to detail and customer service is amazing. If you hire Pointer Marketing--you’ll truly be hiring “stars!”

Gail Kraig, Director of Advancement

Holy Family Catholic Community

920-921-0580, ext. 140,

“Pointer Marketing has a fantastic turnaround for our marketing needs at St. Peter Catholic School in Slinger. They have been great with assisting us with postal regulations that we needed for our annual fund mailing and Catholic Schools Week postcards! They have been very accommodating to
our school public relations and marketing.

Cheryl Jaeger, Principal
St Peters, Slinger

262-644-8083 ext 24.,


Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eye to create a plan for a catholic school to take. We've been there to help quite a few school get the response they need. Working together we can come up with a plan that suits your school. 

"They are there to listen when we are working through a new goal and they offer suggestions or advice in a graceful and positive way. My favorite piece in my years working with Frank, was his suggestion to have a notepad that we could hand out to prospective families, parishioners, current families, etc. We did some neighborhood outreach in the spring of 2016 and went door to door. It was really great to have those notepads to give to people and to help plant some seeds. From a brand awareness perspective it was wonderful-- and this idea that people wouldn’t throw a useful notepad away like they might with a direct mail piece. It was brilliant and has been very well received. The front page of the notebook had information about an upcoming event/open house. After the open house, we can simply tear off that front page of the notepad and the remaining pages have fun facts and photos scattered throughout, making it useful all year long."

We are thankful to Frank and Pointer Marketing for all they do for us. They are incredibly talented and we feel 100% supported by them. Much like NWCS and the family atmosphere that we foster at our school--Pointer has that small business, family friendly appeal--with top quality customer service. Thank you Pointer Marketing!

Elizabeth Gardner
Recruitment Coordinator, Northwest Catholic School
(414) 352-6927 ext. 107

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